Megagames only happen in Wellington with the help and support of many different people. The Wellington Megagame Collective thanks all of the following organisations for their support over the years.

Hobby Supporters


KapCon is a not-for-profit role-playing game convention run annually in Wellington, New Zealand, every January. Over a hundred people get together for a weekend of role-playing, in a diverse range of styles and systems. Over the weekend, more than 30 individual games are run, with volunteer GMs (or storytellers, narrators or facilitators) running games between one and six times over the course of the convention.

New Zealand Live Action Roleplaying Society

The New Zealand Live Action Role Playing Society Inc is a non-profit organisation that supports larp in New Zealand. Their community forums can be found at Diatribe.


Wellycon is New Zealand’s largest boardgames convention, with events on Queen’s Birthday weekend in June, and Labour Weekend in October.

Commercial Supporters


Battlekiwi make awesome tokens and scenery for gamers. We used them to make special tokens for the Galaxy Will Burn megagame in 2018. You can find them on Facebook.

Battlekiwi did the lasercut tokens in this picture (atomic power, heart, pentagon, etc shapes).

Caffeinated Dragon

A friendly cafe and games shop located at 70 Victoria Street, Wellington.

Cerebus Games

Cerebus Games specialises in trading card games, boardgames, and hosts events supporting those games. Cerebus Games is located at Level 1, 66 Dixon Street.

Counter Culture

A board game cafe and bar, Counter Culture has a library of over 600 boardgames for use by customers. Counter Culture is located at 211 Victoria Street, Te Aro, Wellington.

Arty Bee’s Books

Arty Bee’s is the premiere book shop in Wellington for preloved, new and rare books, with over 100,000 books in store.