Den of Wolves

Den of Wolves is a megagame about politics, survival, and paranoia for a fleet of refugee spaceships, escorted by the Battleship Aegis, fleeing from an implacable enemy – “the Wolvers.” Your homeworlds have been destroyed by the Wolvers, there is no going back. To stay where you are is to be destroyed, to go forward into the deep dark is your only hope of survival.

Den of Wolves was designed by John Mizon of Southwest megagames. It has been run in the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Player roles in the game are focused on the senior political and military positions in the survivor fleet. These include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • First Secretary
  • members of the Interstellar Council, representing one of the destroyed homeworlds
  • Media journalists
  • Captains – each commands one ship
  • First Officers – second in command of their ship, and in charge of its security forces
  • Engineers – responsible for ship operations and repairs
  • Specialists – there are a small number of experts focused on tasks such as science, medicine and communications.

There are 38 player roles in the game, plus space for 3-5 media players. If you are interested in a Control role to help run the game, contact Dillon Burke at

Here is an after action report (links to facebook post in Megagame Makers facebook group) from player Chris Brown in a previous run of Den of Wolves. Here is another after action report (links to a google doc) from Anthony Howgego. You can find a couple of AARs on this blog.

Tickets are now on sale here. Price is $15 for unwaged and $30 for waged. There will be a $5 price rise for all tickets on 20 January. Use the discount code KAPCON15 to get a $15 ticket and KAPCON30 to get a $30 ticket. The Control team is now full, so please do not register for that role.

Online ticket sales end on Wednesday 20 February. Door sales will be possible if you arrive at the Bridge club by 10am on Saturday 23 February. Initial casting has been completed. The remaining roles are either First officer positions aboard some of the ships, or journalists on the media team.


Casting assignments have been completed and briefings have been emailed out. If you have not received your role or briefings, please contact Dillon Burke at ASAP!


A discord channel has been set up for plotting before and during the game. You can join our Den of Wolves server by clicking here.


Costume is optional. It will be late summer, so shorts and a t-shirt plus a jacket for Wellington’s changeable weather should be fine. Clothing with pockets can be helpful for carrying game cards or tokens. You may spend a lot of time on your feet, so wear comfortable footwear.

As at Tuesday 19 February, the weather forecast for Saturday is for rain. We are watching what the tropical cyclone does with interest, and hoping there is no disruption to travel plans.

For political roles, modern business wear would be appropriate. A sash in your faction colour would be a way for people to identify you easily. For ship’s crew, a set of overalls and some work boots would be a practical choice. Please do not bring weapons (fake or otherwise) to the game.

International Players

We have heard people in Australia are interested in travelling over for this game. If you need help with accommodation, or you are willing to provide a couch or spare bed for a visitor, please get in touch with  Dillon Burke at


There is limited parking available at the venue (20 parks), with more public parking down on Thorndon Quay.

Start Time

Registration opens at 0900. The game will start at 1000 sharp.


There is no designated lunch break for Den of Wolves. There will be free tea and coffee available. There will also be a limited range of prepackaged food and drink, and toasted sandwiches, for cash purchase on the day. Most items are priced from $1-$2, with a toasted cheese sandwich $3 or $5 for two.

End Time

We expect the game to be done and packed up by 6pm. There will be a post-Megagame social gathering at a nearby pub. More details will be announced on the day.

Facebook Event

A Facebook event page can be found here. Note: saying you are going on the Facebook event page is not a booking – you need to buy a ticket to do that.