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A flying cities, musketeers and eldritch horrors game using the Runequest 6 (Mythras) game engine.

Cold Stars

Some kind of SF game, but definitely not using a d100 game engine. Probably not Traveller either, as its stuck in the 1970s.

 Secrets of Samaria (Dragon Age)
Based in a setting loosely based on the Crusade era holy lands, our heroes uncover the secrets of the world and try to decide exactly which side are they on: the Orthodoxy, the Reborn God, the Draconians, or any one of half-a-dozen ascendant powers they have encountered.  At the end of this campaign, the heroes gathered up their allies and armies to march across the land for a final showdown to defeat the invading Dragons.

It was one of the most enjoyable campaigns I have run, but the Dragon Age system really creaks around Level 10, as player power escalates and the monsters in the books stop being a challenge.

Flying Cities (D20) 
This only lasted a few sessions, before I moved to the UK for a year.

Runequest III
A fairly standard Orlanthi heroes in Pavis suffering under the oppression of the Red Moon campaign, with some Carmanian vampires settling along the Zola Fel.  Ended a bit sooner than I would have liked due to player attrition and incompatibilities.  The sorcery rules did not work as well as I would have liked.
In the aftermath of the civil war, the players were travelling from the remnants of the Core to the Spinward marches. I found it hard to GM a game while doing my PhD, and I came to the realisation that key parts of the MT game system were broken.
Megatraveller (1996)
Players were mercenaries on a war torn world, trying to get a spaceship to get off world.  The players were mostly a D&D crowd, and they liked things simple.
Old Empire (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition)
This only lasted a year, and then I discovered parties and girls.  It started with the players accidentally releasing a Slanneshi demon, and ended with a suitably epic final battle with a Chaos Lord that ended with one player left standing.

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