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Kapcon 27 (Wellington)
The Galaxy Will Burn - a Megagame of political crises in an interstellar empire.

Bookings are now open at the Kapcon website. The cost to attend for just the Megagame is $20, or $15 if if you preregister.

Preregistration closes on Monday the 15th of January.

For more information about TGWB check my blog or the dedicated page on this website.

The Colossus of Atlantis
I am aiming to run this Megagame again in April 2018.

Watch the Skies
I am aiming to run this Megagame in June 2018.

For the second half of 2018, I hope to offer at least one further Megagame, possibly two if the stars align correctly.

The design I have done a lot of research for is Operation Unthinkable, a Megagame about the British war plan for an attack on the Soviet Union in July 1945. This would be an alternate history game, with a focus on the operations in the north European plains as the western allies attempt to liberate Poland, while the USSR tries to cross the Rhine.

The second design would be a high fantasy game, but as it involves intellectual property I do not own, I will need to secure permission before running the Megagame. As the IP owner has a generous not-for-profit fan policy for gaming, I expect this to work out. For now I am just calling this Project X.

20 January 2018
TGWB starts at 0900 and finishes at 1600. There will be a half hour lunch break.

A post-game social gathering will start at 1700 at a CBD location.