This is the website to find out more about Dillon Burke’s megagame designs, and megagames being hosted by the Wellington Megagame Collective.

Den of Wolves

The second megagame to be hosted by the Wellington Megagame Collective will be Den of Wolves. It will take place on Saturday 23 February 2019, at the Wellington Bridge Club (17 Tinakori Road, Wellington).

Tickets are now on sale here. $15 unwaged, $30 waged.


Dillon started playing serious strategy games in the 1970s and has been running Megagames in New Zealand since the early 1990s, primarily at gaming conventions in Christchurch and Wellington. These games have also been called “Grand Strategy Games” or the “Saturday Night Special”. He was lucky enough to play in some London based Megagames in 2007/08. In 2017 Dillon was a member of the Megagames Coalition at GENCON 50 in Indianapolis, where he ran Colossus of Atlantis, helped control Watch the Skies,¬†and coordinated a seminar on designing Megagames.


The best way to contact Dillon is by emailing grand.vizier@gmail.com.