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What is a Megagame?

A megagame is a combination of strategy boardgame and live action roleplaying, where the players compete in teams against other groups of players. 

Success in the game requires imagination, dedication, and the ability to make decisions while under pressure. 

Megagames embrace emergent play, allowing players scope for creativity and changing the rules of the game in play.

The Doom of Atlantis

A key dilemma - will you use DOOM! tokens to improve your position? If too many are used Atlantis will sink beneath the waves, and everyone loses.
Schedule of Play

At Kapcon, The Colossus of Atlantis will run from 0900 to 1600. There are 30 minutes at the start and end for a brief and a debrief, and a 30 minute break for lunch at 1230. Each game turn takes half an hour. The first game turn will be an hour long, to help people learn the game.
Key Dates

This version of The Colossus of Atlantis was run on 21 January 2017.
The Colossus of Atlantis

This is a megagame for up to 35 players and five game managers, inspired by the pseudo-history of Atlantis, with the addition of giant robots. Originally just a literary construct by Plato, in the 19th century the Atlantis story was embellished by many writers, and from there worked its way into popular culture.

In The Colossus of Atlantis, most of the players are members of an Atlantean noble House, as Atlantis enters a Golden Age of imperialism and advancing technology.

During each half hour game turn, play alternates between resolving player actions at game maps, and focusing on diplomacy with the other players.

Key game elements include:

  • governing your city, building armies and fleets, and upgrading with valuable Orichalcum and Vril
  • competing with other players for resources, through honourable combat
  • defending Atlantis against monsters and the enemy empires of Leng, Mu, Lemuria and Argatha
  • research to build the best giant bronze colossus to smash your enemies with
  • building great wonders of the world
  • diplomacy in the council meetings that run the Atlantean government.

What is the object of play?

All players are competing to accumulate personal wealth. All teams are competing to accrue victory points (VP)  from their controlled regions, and from helping to build the great Wonders of the Atlantean World. The acme of skill, is to attain these objectives without being caught in dishonourable actions that cause you to be sued in the court of law.

How do I book for the game?

Register for Kapcon at their website from the second week of November 2016. There is no additional cost to register for The Colossus of Atlantis. Places are strictly limited and will be allocated on a "first come" basis.

Hoplite and Trireme units. Each of the Houses has its own colour, and each player will have their own set of counters. 
Hoplite and Trireme units with two Colossus units and a Hero token.
Map Examples 
Strategy Card 

Each player will have an A5 laminated Strategy card. 
Running down the left hand side is the turn sequence, for easy reference. Each turn players have one minute to secretly write objective number or letter codes in the unit boxes, then all cards are revealed at the same time. Units move, conflicts are resolved, and rewards are collected. Then the cards are wiped clean for the next turn.
Home City Template 

This is the template used for each player's home city. It takes up an A4 sheet, and will be laminated so information can be written on it and quickly changed. This is where you spend game resources (Talents, DOOM, Vril and Orichalcum) to build Hoplites and Triremes, earn future Talent income, gain bonus dice for combat from Magic, and gain Research Cogs for getting upgrades for your Colossus.
Land Region Template 
This is the template used for land regions that can be controlled and fought over by players. Each game table has one continent map made up of these sheets, with six land areas, six coastal regions, and one gateway to the hollow earth. Controlling regions grants rewards, but if two or more players target the same region, conflict will occur.
Coastal Region Template 
Like the Land region map above, but for the Coastal regions. The artwork on both is for decoration, in play cards will be placed in each region and the numbers are used to write objectives down on the strategy cards.

The main rules and player briefings are all available on Dropbox (click the link above).

A summary of the technology cards can be found in the Emporos (merchant) briefing.

A summary of the sorcery cards can be found in the Philosophos briefing.

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